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Product Information

Brooktrout SR140

Features & Benefits

End Users

Integrates with VoIP Networks

The SR140 enables end users to implement IP fax into VoIP networks, helping customers to capture the benefits of convergence and software-only fax processing, which include reduced long distance bills and lower administrative and maintenance costs.

Boardless Fax Processing Reduces Complexity and Simplifies Deployment

With no boards to install or maintain, the SR140 reduces complexity and simplifies deployment. The SR140 gives enterprises the freedom to purchase an all-in-one software-only fax server with no slots required.

Reliable, Real-time IP Fax

The SR140 delivers highly reliable faxing over VoIP networks using the T.38 real-time fax-over-IP protocol. The T.38 IP Fax protocol is used for sending fax messages over IP networks in real time by encapsulating a standard T.30 fax data stream. Traditional fax devices communicate with each other using a standard protocol called T.30. Because traditional T.30 fax devices will continue to exist as the world transitions from circuit-switched networks to IP-based networks, newer T.38- based fax devices have to be able to communicate with these older T.30-based fax devices. With over 20 years of experience, Cantata's T.30 protocol implementation is recognized as the most thoroughly field-tested of all fax technology vendors. Cantata has encountered and adjusted the T.30 to interoperate with virtually every T.30 variant, which ensures faxes are sent and received the first time, every time, saving customers time and money.

Lightweight, High Performance, Scalable Fax Engine

The SR140 is a scalable software-only fax platform supporting a range of densities, available from 2 to 60 channels with support for up to 120 channels per server. The SR140 does this while still leaving room for the fax server software with exceptionally low CPU utilization.

Range of Configurations Available

For customers requiring a low or medium density fax solution, the SR140 is available in 2, 4, 8 or 12 channels. For customers requiring a higher density fax solution, the SR140 is available in 24, 30, 48 and 60 channels. To add more channels as their needs grow, customers can install a simple software license upgrade.

Patented Inbound Fax Routing

The SR140 supports Cantata’s patented DID inbound fax routing required by fax server, fax-to-email, unified messaging, fax document management, workflow and document delivery and compliance systems.

Interoperability with Industry Leading T.38 Gateways

The SR140 has been tested and certified with the market-leading T.38 Gateways.

Application Developers

Enables Integration with VoIP Networks

SR140 application developers can tap into the burgeoning VoIP market by providing customers with a pure IP fax solution that seamlessly integrates into an enterprise IP infrastructure.

Write Once, Deploy on TDM & VoIP

A single application written to the Cantata Bfv API will work on Cantata’s complete line of fax software and hardware products. Application developers can sell into both IP and TDM accounts with the same application running on both the software based SR140 or hardware based TR1034.

Simplify Logistics and Deployment

Application developers can sell and support an integrated software-only fax server.

Interoperable with Leading Gateways




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