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Hardware End of Life

Brooktrout has officially discontinued the following products. Details are available that provide information on: Product Availability (last time buy), Warranty, Recommended Replacement Products, and Technical Support. If you are using one of these products, we recommend you review the information carefully. If you have any questions, please contact your sales representative or reseller.

Software End of Life

(for Software Developers only)

Cantata uses a software end of life policy to serve developers in our partner community. We provide you with a predictable schedule that you can use to coordinate your releases with the most up-to-date Brooktrout and SnowShore software products and SDKs. An SDK will reach its End Of Life approximately 30 months from the date the original release first became Generally Available (GA). Cantata will not provide software updates to SDKs that have reached EOL status. If no newer SDK is released within 30 months of the original SDK release, then that release will remain active until 12 months after the last new shipment of the hardware platforms supported by that release.

Click here for the table of Brooktrout and SnowShore products SDKs and their Software status.

Product Notifications


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